Mark Skidmore


As a folk artist living and working in the Ozark's I simply enjoy doing art that appeals to me.

This means I use any material on hand, my imagination, and a healthy dose of amusing solitude (you can call it laughing at myself, I don't mind.) If you like it, great. I think you have superb taste and higher than average intelligence. If not, I'll ask you to reconsider...look around at my work and let it sink in. I have all day, take your time.

As an artist I categorize myself as an outsider with no formal training. My work is fueled by rich memories, colorful music and characters inspired by locals who are rare treasures. All weave into narrative shadowboxes, scratch-art, welded sculpture, photography, wood burned images, paintings, mixed-media and doodles of all sorts. My work teeters on the edge...of what I'm not sure of...but it teeters nonetheless. It's all good, no worries.

My background. Well, I was in advertising for nearly thirty years. I've lived only a few miles from Branson, Missouri for much of my life ("The Live Entertainment Capitol of the World") and because of that, my career had a strong focus on the entertainment business and in automotive marketing.

Now my focus is more personal, I like making my art, working in the garden and hobnobbing with local chipmunks.



If you like my work, let's have some good coffee and talk about that cool commission piece you've always wanted. Give me a holler, I'll be around.

You can also find me online at the links below.